deep fuchsia

URBAN 1972 romper     VIVI CLOTHES bag     ZARA bag     H&M bikini and sunglasses

Rompers are definitely a new obsession of mine. They are such a perfect thing to have when you live in
such a warm place, all you have to do is throw it on and add some sandals and jewelry and you have a
chic and comfortable look at the same time. This fuchsia romper from Urban 1972 is such a great piece.
The color is amazing as well as the fit of it, it's loose as well as being so comfy and chic. Wore it over
my bikini after our day at the beach when we went to get some cupcakes at Crumbs, you can never 
drive past Malibu without stopping for something sweet at the Malibu Lumber Yard. Hope that you 
all have an amazing day and don't forget to like Shades of Style on Facebook here.



malibu beach

SHOPATREND shirt          H&M bikini          H&M sunglasses

Can you believe that we have lived in Los Angeles since January and we hadn't been on the beach
until this Sunday? I still don't know why, it was such a nice and relaxing way to spend our Sunday
lying on the beach soaking up the sun with good friends in Malibu. I got this amazing spotted shirt
in the mail the other day from Shopatrend and it was the perfect beach cover up. Love how simple
pieces like this one can be used in so many ways. You can go super casual like I did above or you
can dress it up with a black skirt and some heels for a more chic look.



instagram diaries

After a week filled with lazyness and feeling bad, who knew that all I needed were a couple of days
off to spend doing absolutely nothing. This weekend has been amazing, we went out on Friday night,
spent Saturday in bed watching TV and ordering in and ended it with a barbecue and a movie night at
home. Can't think of a better way to end this weekend than spend our Sunday at the beach with good
friends. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more personal and fun photos x




rose accents

SUGARLIPS dress     VIVI CLOTHES bag     ZARA sandals

This rose dress from Sugarlips in unbelievably stunning, even more so in real life then on these photos.
It's the perfect date dress, so light and feminine. I have such an amazing idea on how I can style it but I
just had to show it to you guys as a little sneak peek. Have been feeling a little under the weather these 
past days, but will be back after the weekend with some fun posts for you and also some new goodies x



color me lime

LULU'S shirt     STYLE SOFIA shorts     VIVI CLOTHES bag     H&M sunglasses     BIANCO boots

This lime colored shirt absolutely had me at hello. It has such a casual LA vibe to it and instantly
I had so many ideas on how I would style it, both for the summer and for the upcoming season.
I love the wide fit, the color and the lightness so it's a perfect way to look chic yet comfortable in
this crazy heat wave that we've been having this week. I wore it this weekend and kept it casual 
with black shorts and my new Bianco boots. 

Psssst! Didn't think I would share some of the Lulu's love with you guys as well, each and everyone 
of you can get a 15% discount of your total order by using the code "SHADES" at the checkout, but
be careful since it is case sensetive. The code is valid for US and Canada customers only and can be
used once until August 26th. So be sure to get some goodies for this upcoming season x



start your fringe-ines

LULU'S fringed skirt     MANGO shirt     VIVI CLOTHES bag     H&M sunglasses     ZARA sandals

What's a better way to make the classic black and white ensemble more fun? Add some fringe to it.
This black fringed skirt from LuLu's is such a fun alternative and has grown to be a favorite for the
season since I have so many ideas on how I will pair it. I kept it classy and simple this weekend with
a light shirt from Mango and my trusty new bag on a super hot day here in Los Angeles. It is so hot 
outside that I hardly want to go outside. Be sure to check out Lulu's for more chic and also affordable
pieces. Have a great day everyone x



peach friday

PRETTY ODD romper     FOREVER21 necklace     VIVI CLOTHES bag     ZARA sandals     H&M sunglasses

Along with coral, peach is one of my favorite colors this summer. Ever since moving to California
I have noticed that I am adding more and more new colors to my wardrobe. Before, when we were
in Iceland I usually stuck to dark and neutral colors. This peach romper from Pretty ODD had me at
hello, it is the perfect thing to wear on a hot day. You just add a pair of golden necklace, sandals and
you are good to go. I love the peach color and the buttons on the back give it a nice touch. And, don't
sweat it.. I am on the hunt for new sandals. I just can not find the perfect pair, it is obnoxious at times.
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grey leopard

SHOPPALU shirt     ROKK&RÓSIR skirt     VIVI CLOTHES bag     RAY BAN sunglasses

One of the best things about blogging is discovering new brands and stores that you wish you have
known about before. One of those stores that I discovered over the summer was Shoppalu, a online
store that has an amazing selection of both new brands and vintage clothing which is a great concept
since everyone can find something to their liking. I wore this grey leopard top when out yesterday and
it was so comfortable in the heat wave since it is so light and I love the spaghetti straps. Paired it with
my trusty flared skirt (which I ripped, good job.. on the hunt for a replacement) and black accessories x



red flared skirt

SOLILOR flared skirt     H&M top     ZARA sandals     VIVI CLOTHES bag     H&M sunglasses

After I got my black flared skirt (seen here and here) I became slighty obsessed with them. I couldn't
resist getting this red one from Solilor when I saw it on their site. To me, it is a nice change from the 
body-con skirts and they are much more feminine and fun. You can do so many pairings with them, 
from casual chic with a simple white tee to evening wear with a stunning top and heels. I finally got
the chance to wear the skirt yesterday while driving around West Hollywood. We visited Melrose Ave
which is a first for me (have been dying to go for the entire year). We walked around and looked at
the amazing stores and had dinner at a cute little restaurant and enjoyed the good weather which is
a little too hot for my liking. Have a great day everyone x




back to black and white

SOLILOR t-shirt     ROKK&RÓSIR skirt     ZARA sandals     VIVI CLOTHES bag

You can never go wrong with a simple black and white outfit. To me, it is the perfect colors to wear
when you are uninspired since it is always chic. I wore this outfit yesterday while out for brunch in
Hollywood. I became obsessed with this Céline t-shirt a couple of months ago so I was so happy
when I found one over at Solilor. Paired it with a black flared skirt, simple sandals and of course
my new favorite bag from ViVi Clothes which I am obsessed about, really thinking about getting
another one in another color. Thinking of a berry color or just a simple beige one, what do you think?



white lace dress

NECESSARY CLOTHING dress     ZARA sandals     LINDEX bag     

Since I posted this outfit post featuring a white Zara dress talking about how obsessed I had become
with white dressed for the summer, I have added four other white dresses to my wardrobe. This one
from Nesscessary Clothing is one of them and it's by far my favorite. I love it's feminine touches, the
lace overlay and the ruffled shoulder details. I think that white dresses are the perfect thing to wear on
a hot day like we had yesterday, spent it walking around Hollywood doing some shopping and eating
frozen yogurt, such a nice relaxing day. Hope you have an amazing day x



new in: black messenger

A picture says a thousand words right? Say hello to my new bag that I just got in the mail the day
before I flew to LA. Good timing, I would say. Be sure to stay tuned, you will be seeing this one
a lot in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, I have arrived safely in LA after the longest trip and
I hope that you will have an amazing Sunday x



coral dreams

STYLE BY STORIES sweater     STYLESOFIA shorts     BIANCO boots

One of my favorite colors for this summer has got to be coral. I got this amazing sweater in the mail the
other day and I have been using it like crazy ever since. I can't believe that summer is almost over, as
you can tell from these photos summer in Iceland has not been so amazing weather wise so it will be
a nice change to get to enjoy the good weather in LA for the rest of the year. I am currently on my way
to the airport to fly out there so stay tuned for some amazing posts from sunny LA. In the meanwhile
you can follow me via instagram to stay tuned on what is going on (@alexsandrab) x


color me floral

H&M floral dress     ZARA sandals     LINDEX bag     RAY BAN sunglasses

When I was in Berlin I knew I was going to do some shopping. Instead of just rushing into the stores I
decided to make a little shopping list and try to find some things that I actually need for a change. On
the list were some boots for the fall, chunky knits, MAC makeup among other things. One thing that
was not on the list, and something that I really don't need - were dresses. I seriously have about thirty
dresses in my closet. It is my weakness. But somehow I ended up with three more dresses on my way
home. They were just so pretty that I didn't want to leave them behind. The first one that I got was this
floral number from H&M. It is the perfect dress for a hot summer day. It is light, airy and the print is so
pretty. It would look amazing with this bag that I have in mind, we all know that I am in the need for a
new one. Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading x

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