make a wish

ZARA shoes  /  PS1 bag  /  OPI nail polish  /  TOPSHOP blazer

Here are some of my current cravings that I am hoping to find very soon. My dad invited me to go with
him and my family to Berlin next month and I am so excited. I love going places that I have never been
before and exploring new things. It will also be so nice to spend some quality time with my family since
I am going to LA soon for 4 months. I am hoping that I will find these things here above in Berlin, I am
finally going to buy a white blazer after thinking about it over and over again and I hope that those Zara
sandals aren't sold out there like they are almost everywhere. So, please share anything that's a must see
in Berlin. Some stunning places, restaurants, stores or just anything? x



simple tangerine

OASAP skirt  /  SAINT TROPEZ sweater  /  TOPSHOP wedge sneakers  /  LINDEX bag

One of my favorite colors for this summer was tangerine. So when I saw this basic tangerine
skirt at Oasap I just had to get it for the summer. I imagined a much more summery look with
it than I wore yesterday but the weather here isn't that good so I have to wait for until I go to 
Los Angeles to wear it with some bare legs and a summery top. Yesterday I could not resist 
wearing it  so I paired it with a simple black sweater and my Topshop wedge sneakers for a 
lazy and cozy day at home. Be sure to check out Oasap, they have amazing selection and if 
you sign up you get a 20% discount of your order. I hope that you all have an amazing day x



instagram it

Working on a blogpost // Obsessed with oversized watches // What I have to wear to
work, at least neon is in // Went bowling the other day, sadly I lost // Gave my mom 
the night off and cooked  // Watching Oprah's Next Chapter: The Kardashians and
eating candy // Louisiana at Vegamót, yum // A new skirt from Oasap, for summer.

Here are a few snapshots of my life via Instagram, I am still hooked and there is where I post
some of my more personal photos. I have been working all weekend and can't wait to get the
next two days off so I can work on some new outfit posts for you, so let's pray for some sun x
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black with a pop of color

SAINT TROPEZ sweater  /  STYLESOFIA shorts  /  ZARA sandals  /  FOREVER21 headband

Lately I've been so uninspired and I have been working like crazy so the other day after work
I felt like an all black outfit was appropriate. I then added this Forever 21 headband that you've
seen me wearing before just to give the outfit the pop of color it needed. The weather hasn't been
that great either, nothing but grey skies and rain so I have been daydreaming about August. I am
so excited to go back to Los Angeles. This time I will stay there for four months and will come
home a couple of days before christmas which means that I will spend my 20th birthday there
which will be so weird but fun at the same time. Oh, and don't forget about the YSL giveaway.
It ends in three days so you still have time to enter, more info about that a couple of posts down.
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purple rain

DKNY dress (belongs to my mother)  /  TOPSHOP heels

This DKNY dress caught my eye right before last christmas at a local boutique. The oversized fit, 
the print and the stunning detail in the back. What is not to love? It was a tad pricey but we gave
it to my mother for Christmas and she loved it. I love that my mom and I use the same size both in
clothing and shoes so I can steal some of her clothes and she can steal some of mine. This dress is 
the perfect dress for a dinner date or a little gathering. It is so damn comfy and oversized so you 
can eat as much as you can (there is nothing more uncomfortable than going out to eat in a tight 
dress, did that HERE). Paired with simple black heels and you are ready to go x



101 reykjavik

URBAN OUTFITTERS dress  /  SAINT TROPEZ top  /  LINDEX bag  /  ZARA sandals  /  RAY BAN sunnies

My new obsession? Wearing loose tops over dresses. I wore this black top over my Urban Outfitters
dress yesterday while out and about in Reykjavik. Yesterday was Iceland's national day so a walk in
the capital with family and bowling was the perfect way to spend it. Downtown Reykjavik is by far
my favorite place in Iceland. It is filled with stunning buildings, lakes, old houses and vintage shops
so walking around there is so much fun and you can find inspiration everywhere. I can't wait to show
you guys what I mean this summer, will be shooting some of my outfit posts there so all of you can
see what I am talking about. Now a week filled with work and relaxation. Oh and don't worry, I am
currently on a hunt for a new bag so I can give this one a little break. It's so funny that I only started
carrying them around this year, so I have to stock up. Have a great day and don't forget to comment x



studs on my collar

FOREVER21 dress  /  TOPSHOP heels

As you probably already know I have a big obsession with dresses. I have so many that I can hardly 
count them or fit them all in my tiny closet. I saw this dress across the room at Forever 21 in Beverly
Hills and I couldn't take my eyes of it. I loved the fit, the color and most of all I loved the stud details
on the collar which makes it oh so special. I didn't buy it though because we were on kind of a hurry
(and mostly because my boyfriend hates that store). But for the whole day I kept thinking about it and
I regret not buying it so the next day I luckily had an excuse to go back to the mall so I took it home
with me that day. Oh, and you can also tell by these photos that our summer here sucks. It is so cold
here in Iceland that I had to pull out a scarf and a thick coat to keep warm. Have a great weekend x

PS. You still have time to enter the YSL inspired giveaway, more info
in the latest posts. Good luck to everyone that has entered already x



little floral dress


There is one thing every girl must have for this summer, a piece of the floral trend. I have been craving
something floral for a while and the other day I finally caved in and got myself this floral dress which is
the perfect summer dress. It is light and comfortable, but a little shorter than I would have liked. It gives
you the most perfect figure since the waist is tight and then it is really flare in the skirt area. Can't wait
until I go to LA so I can use it while barelegged but here in Iceland I have to pair it with tights since it
isn't warm enough. Have you gotten yourself a piece of the floral trend? x



scalloped lace

PRIMARK top  /  STYLESOFIA shorts  /  ZARA heels  / CROSS bracelet

One of my favorite trends at this moment are lace tops, they are so versatile. You can dress them up 
like I did or just throw it over a bikini at the beach. These scalloped shorts from STYLESOFIA are
by far my favorite pair of shorts. I have been using them like crazy because they go with everything
and are just so cute. Have a great day all, and don't forget to enter the YSL giveaway (info below) x

I also wanted to know one thing, so please comment below:
What are your favorite types of posts on the blog?



military fur

ZARA jacket  /  H&M dress  /  H&M fur  /  GALLERÍ boots

This has to be one of my favorite outfits. It may be more of a fall outfit but this week has been fairly
cold. Last month I started a new job here in Iceland which is kind of the main reason why I will be
spending my summer here but not in LA. I am working at the airport and when I am at work I have
to wear special clothing which are basically sweats and a neon vest (at least neon is hot this summer)
so when I am not working I like to take the opportunity and dress up. It is so funny how it makes up
feel a lot better. I got this dress last summer when we visited LA for the first time and I love the fit of
it. It is so comfy (I am really craving this one by Three Floor). I paired it with my new military jacket 
from Zara and decided to add a little spice to it with the fur. Then paired with my favorite boots that I 
got at a local store. Have a great day and thank you so much for reading and commenting x



little white dress

ZARA dress and shoes (new collection)  

Everyone knows that there are some items that are a necessity in every girls closet. The basics are the 
perfectly fitted jeans, a white t-shirt, a black blazer and the little black dress among other items. To my
opinion one of those necessities is the little white dress. White has suddenly become my favorite color
for this summer along with coral. I am a sucker for all white outfits so you can imagine how I reacted
when I stumbled across this stunning white dress at Zara last month. I absolutely love everything about
it, from the color to the fit to the asymmetric hemline to the mesh details which make it so much more
special. I still haven't found the perfect opportunity to wear it but it is perfect for this summer. Throw
on a pair of simple heels like above or just go barefoot with a pair of colored sandals for a more casual
and relaxed look. One thing is certain, you will see this dress a lot this summer. Have a wonderful day x

Don't forget about the giveaway, all of the details are in the post below.
It is open internationally so good luck to everyone that participates.

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