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H&M necklace

NEW THINGS. I wanted to show you guys some of my recent purchases that I've made over the
past week. I've been super lazy these past days and have just enjoyed life in my sweatpants with my
hair up in a knot and no make up. Sometimes you just need a break from reality. Yesterday marked 
the day that me and my BF had our first real date (he invited me to a fancy restaurant, so romantic)
and became boyfriend and girlfriend. We decided not to do anything special but just chill at home 
and enjoy being together before I leave for Iceland in some weeks. But I will come back to L.A. 
during the summer and I then will go to college this fall, so exciting.

 MAC cosmetics, my favorite brand

FOREVER21 sheer blouse with waist details

 FOREVER21 colorblock dress



new in: louboutins

NEW IN: LOUBOUTINS. Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, I decided to take a little break 
from the blogging world and spend time with my boyfriend since he had some days off from school. 
But now I can finally show you guys the item that I've been talking about for the past week, my new
Louboutin heels. I chose just a simple classic black pumps since they go with everything. My mother
also got a pair of simple black ones but with a much lower heel, since I like mine as high as they get.



inspiration: fur

INSPIRATION. I rarely post these kind of inspiration posts anymore but I just couldn't resist. Not that
long ago I remember that I was not that into fur, I thought that I would never ever wear fur, even tough
it was faux. But, never say never. I just purchased the most amazing black fur vest, faux of course, and
I have never been so excited about a piece of clothing. It makes an outfit so chic and stylish, so effortless.



going to the max

FOREVER 21 dress          ZARA sandals          FOREVER 21 necklace

MAXI DRESS. I've always been a huge fan of maxi dresses and skirts but I've never worn the trend.
This dress was my first maxi anything and I love it. I wish it was a little longer tough but the color and
the fit is amazing so it doesn't really matter. I am currently searching for the perfect black maxi skirt but
haven't found it yet. Remember the other day when I was telling you about something that I bought that
I have wanted for a very long time? Well, stay tuned the next couple of days because I am going to show
it to you. It's an amazing feeling to save money for something expensive that you have wanted for a long
time and then finally be able to purchase it. 



neutral shades

H&M dress          ZARA shoes          TIFFANY&CO necklace

NEUTRAL SHADES. The other day we bought a new camera, a DSLR from Canon and I love 
it. So today it was the perfect opportunity for the first outfit shoot with the new camera and also to 
show you my new dress from H&M and my new beautiful Zara shoes. I love how light and simple 
this outfit is but it is so comfortable at the same time. This morning I walked over to the W hotel here
in Hollywood where I saw my all time favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston receive her star on the Walk
of Fame. My heart was beating out of my chest the whole time, she is so beautiful.



new in: basic sandals

ZARA heels

NEW IN. I saw these shoes at the Zara online store yesterday and I seriously could not stop thinking
about them all day. So this afternoon I went to the Zara store and picked them up, the last pair in stock.
Love the colors together and they are perfect for the spring, can't wait to wear them with light dresses.




new in: spring colors

NEW IN.  You should all be familiar with my love for necklaces. It is actually the only jewelry
that I use almost everyday. I saw this one yesterday while walking through H&M and I instantly
fell in love with it. I tried on a dress that would have been perfect to pair with it but unfortunately
it was too big. But I also went home with a shirt that I have been looking for for me and my mom
for some time now, I will show it to you later.





FOREVER 21 t-shirt and headband          H&M skirt         LINDEX bag         TOMS shoes

SATURDAY AFTERNOON.  Finally, it is the weekend. I love waking up next to my boyfriend
 and spending the whole day with him since there is no school. This morning we took a little walk in 
the good weather around our neighborhood. I wore my new t-shirt from Forever 21 that i posted here
the other day and paired it with a classic black skirt from H&M and my new headband that was also
featured in the post with the headband. Tonight we are going to have some fun with friends.




16022012. Here are some photos that we shot today, the weather has been so weird the last couple
of days that it has been impossible to take outfit photos. Today it is so windy outside that it was so
hard to take good photos so I owe you a good outfit post soon. 


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wanted: ps1

WANTED. How amazing is this coral PS1 bag from Proenza Schouler? I am currently on a massive search for a new bag (I think you all have noticed that I am always carrying the same bag in every post). 
I would love to have this bag in black since it goes with everything but I love this coral color for spring.



happy valentine's day

VALENTINE'S DAY.  I woke up this morning to a knock on the door and I saw my amazing and
wonderful boyfriend standing there with flowers. Red roses and my favorite, Lilies. Can't imagine a 
better boyfriend than that. Now, time for some Valentine's Day cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop.



instagram II

INSTAGRAM.  Yes, I am still obsessed. Since it has been a while since I posted and I don't 
have any outfit posts ready or anything new to show you guys since we just had the most laid 
back weekend ever. On Saturday we went to a dinner party downtown which was so much fun 
and yesterday we spent the whole day in bed watching the Grammy Awards and eating take out.
 Sometimes you need those days where you don't do anything and just enjoy yourself. 

1. My closet, I am a bit of a neat freak so everything  has it's own place. 
2. The most delicious Valentine's Day Cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop.
3. Love days that you go by the pool when you wake up and enjoy the sun.
4. Sunday morning brunch, my new favorite - Egg's Benedict..  so good.
5. My new iPhone case, saw it on Gossip Girl and fell in love with it..
6. My new dress that I showed you the other day from Blackjack, love it.
7. Victoria's Secret, one of my all time favorite stores. Who doesn't love it?
8. Ready on Saturday, wore a navy Zara dress with a Forever 21 necklace.



new in: urban outfitters

URBAN OUTFITTERS dress          TOMS shoes

NEW IN.  I've never been a big fan of Urban Outfitters until recently. Now it is one of my favorite
stores and it makes it better that it is located in the street next to mine. You have seen this dress before
in the previous post, I love how it can be worn casually and fancy. I also got these shoes from Toms and
they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I now own. They also look so good, especially on the foot. 



spring florals

URBAN OUTFITTERS dress          H&M flats          VINTAGE bag

SPRING FLORALS. I ordered this dress a couple of days ago from Urban Outfitters and just got 
it in the mail the other day. I fell in love with the amazing print, the lace details on the back and just 
how light and comfortable it is. We shot these photos the other day while we took a little walk in our
neighborhood in this crazy heat that we have been having, kind of funny that this is winter here.

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