30 January 2012



Here are some details shots of my jumpsuit from Topshop. I picked it up in London last year and 
I have gotten so much use of it. The great thing about simple things like this one is that you can 
both use it casually, like I did above, but you can also dress it up and use it for special occasions. 
We shot these photos the other day when we drove to the Hollywood Hills to look around. 
P.S. Thank you for your amazing reactions to the last blog post, means a lot to me. 


29 January 2012



We had another hot day yesterday here in LA. We decided to put it into good use since it was also the
weekend so we rented a car and drove around. We started in Beverly Hills where we drove around the
big and beautiful houses and we drove up to Kim Kardashian's house but unfortunately I did not see her
like I was hoping, Then we drove to Malibu along the coastline where we had the most amazing brunch
and enjoyed the sun. We ended the day with driving to Griffith Park Observatory and last but not least 
we drove up to the Hollywood sign. Next time we are going to drive to Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

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27 January 2012



We had another hot day yesterday and since my boyfriend had the day off we decided that it was 
a perfect day to go to Beverly Hills to look around the beautiful town and stores. It is so funny to 
see the difference between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Wish I had a little cute house in Beverly
Hills. The streets there are so nice and clean and I love the streets with the lines of palm trees. Palm 
trees make me so happy. We went to Barney's (which is my new favorite store) and I tried on a pair 
of shoes and I wanted to cry when we left the store since they were so beautiful. But I am going to
 order a pair next week and I seriously can't wait to show them to you, they are unbelievable.


26 January 2012

feels like summer


Yesterday we got another hit of a heatwave here in LA. After a couple of gray and rainy days this
 is exactly what I needed. It is kind of funny since at home it is snowing like crazy that some of the 
roads have been closed because so many people are stuck in their cars. Even tough we are having 
this great weather here, I kind of miss home and the snow. But this dress was the perfect dress for
this hot day! I got it when I was in London last year and this is actually the first time I am wearing 
it, but definitely not the last time. I paired it with my new favorite hair style, the sleek bun which 
is so comfortable and chic at the same time. I also paired with my simple sandals from Zara, my 
bag from Lindex (I awkwardly need a new bag if you didn't notice) and my precious Ray Ban's.


24 January 2012

new in: leopard

You would think that my love for leopard things is maxed out but you are wrong! I just received 
these leopard loafers in the mail yesterday after an endless search for the perfect pair. These were 
against a pair from Steve Madden but with a $100 price difference I played smart and bought these
for only $30. Can't wait to wear them, I think leopard that can make the most boring outfit fun.


23 January 2012



This shirt has definitely become my go to shirt for days when I am totally uninspired and feel 
like I have nothing else to wear. Yesterday was one of those days where I tried on everything
in my closet but I ended up wearing this shirt. We spent the day out in Beverly Hills enjoying
the good weather and doing a little shopping. I saw some really beautiful things at the H&M 
store but i decided to be rational (which is a new thing for me) and decided not to buy anything.
I only came home with some anti bacterial hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works that I have
gotten addicted to for the past couple of months. 



Here are some more pictures from yesterday. Hope you all are having a great evening, ours
will be filled with homemade hamburgers and some quality time by the TV with a movie!


22 January 2012

earthy stripes


For the last couple of days I've been so lazy that I haven't even bothered to take a proper outfit 
photo. Sometimes all I want to do is cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV all day long. Today
we took a little walk since the sun was finally shining after a couple of cloudy and even rainy
days. I kind of miss being able to wear skirts and dresses without having to wear tights.


21 January 2012

instagram it

1. My new lamp that I got for graduation.. it's so pretty.
2. Christmas food, seriously the best thing in the world.
3. All packed for a very long vacation to Los Angeles.
4. I love Italian food. Ravioli is the best thing I know.
5. Daily Starbucks fix with my new Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
6. New camera finally! Love the vintage look of the G12.
7. Red Velvet cupcake from Crumbs and a glass of milk.
8. My dream bag from Céline. If I start saving now I might
be able to buy it when I am 90 years old.
9. Laying in the sun with a bag of Skittles in the morning.
10. Love this dress from DKNY that belongs to my mother.

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18 January 2012

first couple of weeks

So, two weeks have passed but I feel like I have been here for a year! My boyfriend doesn't go
home until a couple of days before christmas this year but I will go back to Iceland in March but
I will come back during the summer to spend time with him! Even tough living in LA is amazing
and a great opportunity there is no place like home.