new in: pastels

PASTELS. Yesterday while out and about in Beverly Hills I stumbled up on a small store which had
the most amazing selection of both Essie and OPI nail polishes. It was like I was in heaven, they were 
so many. I found two that really caught my eye and I couldn't decide which one to buy so I decided to
take both of them home. At first I wasn't that much into the pastel trend but now I am really starting to
like it. The first one is called "To buy or not to buy?" and the other one is "Minty Candy Apple". Now
all I want is a nice minty light sweater for spring, think I've already found one that is nice and cheap too.


  1. beautiful colors! now i want to paint my nails with them :)

  2. beautiful!!

  3. Such a gorgeous set of colors.. Will you be doing a mani design with the two together? xx

  4. Thank you so much x
    But not sure, I may try but I am not really good with designs ;)

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