neutral shades

H&M dress          ZARA shoes          TIFFANY&CO necklace

NEUTRAL SHADES. The other day we bought a new camera, a DSLR from Canon and I love 
it. So today it was the perfect opportunity for the first outfit shoot with the new camera and also to 
show you my new dress from H&M and my new beautiful Zara shoes. I love how light and simple 
this outfit is but it is so comfortable at the same time. This morning I walked over to the W hotel here
in Hollywood where I saw my all time favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston receive her star on the Walk
of Fame. My heart was beating out of my chest the whole time, she is so beautiful.


  1. Magdalena Margrét2/23/2012 7:45 PM

    STÓRGLÆSILEG Alexsandra!!

  2. I love your shoes (like most ZARA pieces:) ). You look great ;) please check out my blog if you have time...thank you!:)

  3. Lovin those shoes! You look cute in that dress

  4. Oh wow hun! You look so simple and gorgeous!
    Im in LOVE with your sandals!!!
    Im your newest follower!! haha! hope you'll like my blog as well!


  5. i need those shoes in my life x

  6. Nú líst mér vel á ykkur, flott location og þú alltaf jafn falleg!

  7. This is so pretty, I love this look on you! It is very simple but still so stylish. You are very pretty, you look like Lindsay Lohan in the movie Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen (total compliment:) ) I am following your blog now. Follow back?



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